This gallery contains a selection of Chris's work.

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A Little More Time And She Was Lonely And Then One Day
Asking For The Taking A Waking Dream Breathe In The Air
Come What May II
Ipso Facto
When I Wake Up
Perpetual Bliss II
Running On The Water
Before The Rising Sun II
The Dawn
When The World Belongs To Distant Dogs
Perpetual Bliss
When The Twilight Turns
When The Night Meets The Morning Sun
Rich Of Spirit
Feel The Moonshine The Darkening Dawn
The Gate Of Dreams Wake Up Sleeping So Near  
Feel The Moonshine II
One Day Far Away
Some Day
The Hour Before Dawn
That's The Way I'm Going
Feel The Moonshine II Wise Men Never Try III Long Ago And Far Away II
On A Hot Summer Night The Game Is On Again
Pitching Pennies Exhilarating Sadness
Kay To Win Just Once